Friday, March 20, 2015

The Guys

The first sneak peek just happens to include of one of my favorite, closest, most thoughtful friends-- my sister!  Here's a little taste of her amazing little family.

A Snapshot of a Portfolio

It's so hard to choose!  Here's a sample of some work I've done! 

RP Photography Gets a Name and a Blog!

Since I'm not on Facebook anymore, I wanted to find a new way to share photos with family, friends, and clients!  So here I am, creating a blog as my 'sharing space' for the people who let me photograph them!  Now after I do a session, I can add a sneak peek here for you to see and share.  Please email, text, or call me with any questions about photography!

I thought I would start with my a couple of my favorite models- my babies!

 Ramsey, age 8
Paizley, age 5